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A car club is a place where you can hire a car when you are in dire need of one. By using a car club you can obtain a car on a hire or rental basis for a certain number of days or even for a prolonged period of time. This is particularly good for people who have relocated to a new city for a certain period of time due to work and do not intend to buy a car as their stay is temporary.

Car clubs can be found almost anywhere in the UK and you can find a large variety of cars at each one. Most car clubs are open 24 hours a day and you can book a car anytime. You can hire a car on an hourly basis, daily basis, monthly basis or even yearly basis as per your use and need. A few car clubs also take care of the insurance tax, parking permits and servicing of the car so you do not have to worry about all the extra things. You can hire a car either for business reasons or personal reasons and you will be granted permission to drive the car if you have a licence which is valid.

Hiring a Car on a Daily Basis

Numerous car clubs offer cars for hire on a daily basis. They work in a similar way to the nationwide car hire companies like Avis and Hertz where you will pay for a day’s hire and a certain number of miles will be included. Any extra miles will be charged at a rate agreed between you and the company. Daily car hire is the best option for people who rarely use a car and whilst it is the most expensive option on a daily basis, it is the more convenient.

Hiring a Car on a Monthly Basis

If you are planning on visiting the UK on holiday and wish to hire a car so that you can get around, the agency will ask you how many months you wish to hire a car for. They may also give you additional benefits like parking permits at a few places and re-fuelling your vehicle when you run. This tends to work out cheaper on a daily basis than shorter rental periods.

Car Clubs for the Physically Disabled

A car club agency by the name of City CarShare has introduced special cars for people with physical disabilities. The cars are called ‘Access Mobile’ and have become a true godsend for the disabled as they enable them to hire a car in the event that they need to get out and about, but are not necessarily aimed at people who wish to hire them on a long term basis. Purchasing a vehicle set up for a disability can be expensive, and is often not cost-effective unless it is used every day.

How to Book a Car through a Car Club

It is very easy to book a car through a car club. You can either book online, by phone or in person and most clubs enable you to book as little as one hour in advance. All you need to do is inform the company of the model you require, how long you will need it for and when you wish your hire period to start. Based on the car information that you give them, they will be able to reserve a car for you. If you are unsure as to the exact model of car you require, most car clubs enable you to tell them your requirements and then suggest the best model of car accordingly. Do remember that the earlier you book a car, the more chance you have of it being available.

Obtaining the Car you have Booked

If you are at home and have some time before you need the car, the car club will make arrangements to have the car delivered to the address you mention during the time of your booking. Otherwise, if you do not have time and are in a hurry, you can go to their agency and take the car immediately by giving them your booking identification number. Once they verify it, you will be in possession of the car. Some car clubs follow the policy of self service where the person who has made the booking has to collect the car from the company depot and return it after use so do make sure you have a way to reach the depot if this is the case.

Car Club Hire Costs

The cost of hiring a car depends on the duration you will need the car for and the mileage you need to do. The cost also depends on the model and size of the car you take. Certain vehicles will be more expensive such as sports cars or 4 x 4s simply because they cost more to purchase.

Memberships and Other Benefits

If you happen to be a regular visitor to a car club company you may want to look into membership options as these often come with extra benefits. Membership is only given to people who have a valid driving licence and are permitted to drive however once obtained significant discounts can be obtained as can extra services.

A Few Car Clubs in the UK

There are dozens of car clubs in the UK and it can be hard to know which one is best. Below is a selection of some of the most renowned companies:
  • City Car Club
  • London Car Clubs
  • Zipcar Car Club Services
The car club business is quite common in the UK and can be found in almost every UK city. Though the business is a commercial one, most car clubs are very personal with their customers and strive to keep them satisfied. No matter why you are thinking of visiting a car club, you are sure to find a car available that is ideal and meets your budget.

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