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The Lowdown on Car Clubs - What Does a Car Club Cost?

Car clubs are the latest innovation to spread to the United Kingdom, and while for the most part they've received a warm audience, many people are still asking questions. One of the most important is perhaps "What Does a Car Club Cost?" and more importantly, "What will I save?"

To answer the question of what does a car club cost, it's important to think about a car club as something that's designed to SAVE you money. Yes it's an idea that's being operated by profit making companies such as Hertz, but there are also more and more local government bodies taking part in trials by ensuring that car clubs are available just about everywhere.

When looking at what does a car club cost, typically a car club consists of paying a monthly membership fee alongside a security deposit. This gives you a smartcard which can be used to access vehicles, and the ability to book a car online or even over the telephone. They weren't kidding when they said car clubs were high tech!

Typically, monthly fees for a car club run at around £10 to £15 which means that it's not actually going to break the bank! The only expensive aspect of what does a car club cost is the security deposit which is typically a refundable amount of around £100.

When looking at the specific details about what does a car club cost, for your monthly membership and security deposit, it automatically entitles you to use any of the car club vehicles in the local area where your car club operates. For around £4 an hour you can be driving away in a relatively new vehicle without having to worry about insurance, maintenance, fuel or breakdown assistance.

When thinking about what does a car club cost, the reality is that a car club gives you a pay as you go vehicle, just around the corner whenever you need it. When compared to typical hire schemes which charge £50 and more per day, a car club gives you the flexibility of simply paying by the hour with everything included.

While it's perhaps not the perfect option for commuters or people who need a vehicle for more than a few hours a day because when you work out what does a car club cost, it may be more expensive. However, if it's only purpose is to take the kids to school, get the shopping or visit a faraway relative a car club vehicle makes perfect sense and it will actually save you a lot of money.

As car clubs become more and more popular, it's been estimated that there are already well over several thousand vehicles in the UK. This means that there's a car club near you, and perhaps you should try it out for yourself to find out just exactly what does a car club cost. Why not? It's a pay as you go vehicle, and it may very well be invaluable when you need an extra car.

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