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The Facts About Car Clubs: Car Club Insurance

Car clubs may very well be the most innovative idea when it comes to not having to buy a car and worry about mileage, but for many, there is still the issue of insurance to consider, and more importantly, even though car club insurance exists for members, whether or not it sufficiently covers them in the event of an accident.

The reality is that the insurance market in the United Kingdom is as varied as there are cars on the road. Luckily for car club member however, it's already taken care of with the membership, which ensures that you're fully protected.

Generally speaking, the only issues that need to be considered regarding car club insurance is the default excess that members may have to pay. This can sometimes be around 200 or more. The other concern is that younger drivers may not be covered until they've got at least a year's worth of driving under their belt, and as such they can't be a member of the scheme.

However, while these are both valid questions and concerns, the reality is that many car clubs offer differing levels of car club insurance which means you can elect to pay more to reduce the excess. Just like a typical insurance package, you can pay a few pounds more to save a great deal if you are unlucky enough to have an accident.

While young drivers may think that they'd never be allowed to join a car club, this is simply not the case. Generally speaking the only requirements are that they have held a relatively clean license for at least a year. The only thing that many car clubs may choose to enforce is that younger drivers pay a slightly higher insurance premium.

Car club insurance isn't third party, but fully comprehensive and it includes full break-down cover to ensure that in the event of an accident or any problems whatsoever, you can at the very least get home in one piece. It's just like insurance for a private vehicle, and it protects you in exactly the same way.

Considering the environmental benefits as well as the fact that being a member of a car club may in fact be a great deal more affordable, it's a great way to save on the costs of insurance and third party cover. The fact is that what you pay to be a member of a car club is already a saving when compared to the price of insurance and also road tax.

While car club insurance is great, it'll only cover you when driving a car club vehicle, just like it covers any other member. Car club insurance is cheaper, more comprehensive and also less restrictive than private packages.

Joining a car club is a great way to gain access to a vehicle without having to worry about what happens if you borrow a 'friends' as an uninsured party. Car clubs are cheap, economical and most importantly car club vehicles are almost always available. The fact is that car club insurance and vehicles will save you money, and give you the freedom that owning a private vehicle affords.

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