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As more and more car clubs appear throughout the UK, many people are starting to realize that joining a car club is a great way to save money and also save the environment, but the question many are still asking is who's the best? Today we're going to take a look at one of the UK's biggest City Car club.

City car club is Britain's largest car club. Operating in over 15 cities nationwide, they have gone a long way towards providing the 'car club' we see today. With thousands of members across the country, City car club has certainly taken advantage of the boom in pay-as-you-go car hire.

With affordable membership fees which currently stand at just £50 per year, this entitles members to renting vehicles nationwide with as little as ten minutes notice. Combined with their innovative discount card which gives 20% of all rental rates, you really could start saving a fortune today.

Looking at the monthly fees, when you examine the various packages, the best deal works out to be paying around £17 per month which ensures you can rent vehicles for just £3.96 opposed to £4.96 without it. It's clear to see that City Car Club is not only one of Britain's biggest it's perhaps also the cheapest.

But it's not just affordability that one must think about. City Car Club operates two types of vehicles; five door hatchbacks which are priced as above and also larger cars which include estates and vans which are priced at roughly £1 per hour more.

Fully insured vehicles with comprehensive breakdown cover are just a stone throw away as City car club have been growing exponentially in past months. They not boast clubs in cities such as York, Birmingham, London, Brighton and Manchester as well as many others. Booking can be done online as well as via the telephone.

We generally have only good things to say about City Car club. This company has done a lot in bringing car clubs to the United Kingdom, and they've rightfully taken the centre stage as the country's best and most innovative provider thanks to the flexible leasing as well as other features such as reduced excess and also generous mileage allowances of 50 free miles per day.

However, unlike many of their competitors, City Car Club is not as flexible as they could be regarding partner rates. If you're a member of another car club and thinking about renting city car club vehicle for a day, then you may be put off by the £25 member fee for partners. While it is a 50% discount, it's still slightly expensive.

Ultimately however, City Car Club is a great company and they continue to grow. However as Hertz and global giant Zipcar also operate in the United Kingdom, the race is on to see who will win. Luckily however, that's good news for us as it means more cars, more cities and cheaper prices.

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