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Streetcar is yet another car club based in the UK and they offer a variety of services. After recently launching a new campaign to raise awareness, many people are asking about this new provider who seems to offer everything. However, the question is, is Streetcar really THAT good?

Streetcar would perhaps be one of the premier UK car clubs were it not for the fact that they're based entirely in and around London with operations extending as far as Cambridge and also Brighton. Car clubs are now a popular sight throughout the UK, and if Streetcar had nationwide coverage, we're pretty sure that they'd be on an even footing with companies such as City Car club.

Streetcar currently have around 50,000 members with countless vehicles throughout Central England, they are big fans of Volkswagens with the VW Golf, Polo, Touran and also VW transporters available with separate pricing for each, ranging from 3.95 for the super-mini up to 8.95 for the Transporter.

It's a flexible line-up of vehicles and to ensure a great deal of flexibility. Generally speaking it has to be said that Streetcar has made it really, really easy to book vehicles and join their scheme. This flexibility comes at a slight price however with annual membership being 59.50 which is on average around 10 more expensive than the competition.

Streetcar shines through in terms of presentation and quality, and their rates are certainly flexible. It's clear to see that this car club really does go the extra mile to delivering a quality service that tries to be better than the rest. It's possible to book online, and members are sent a special smartcard which enables them to unlock and start vehicles with their pin number.

Given the service is so good, are there any complaints? With hundreds of cars throughout London, availability for those living within the city is great. Membership of Streetcar comes with a generous mileage allowance as well as congestion charges which are all paid for. Typically, breakdown coverage and insurance is just as you'd expect.

Vehicles from Streetcar are comprehensively insured, however there is a 1000 excess. For many drivers, it may be prudent to pay the extra 9.95 per month to reduce the excess to 0. This ensures that in the event of an accident you won't be liable to pay anything.

Streetcar shines through with promise as one of the UK's best car clubs. Alongside the typical things you'd expect of every car club, they also have some useful services such as offering one-way trips and also access to their sister-service which is known as Streetvan.

As car clubs get more and more prominent throughout the UK, it's a great idea to take advantage of the savings that they can bring. Alongside the financial benefits, the environmental savings speak for themselves too. While initially the thoughts of a pay-as-you-go vehicle may sound a bit ludicrous, once you've tried the car club concept, we guarantee you won't go back.

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