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Until recently, WhizzGo was an up and coming car club operating in the UK. They had a flexible range of packages which put them on a level playing field with the rest of the competition.

Today however, things have all changed as WhizzGo has now merged with its competitor, City Car Club. Since August 2009, they have become the largest car club in the UK with thousands of members, well over 500 vehicles and coverage in over 12 cities. Thanks to the WhizzGo merger, it's now easier than ever to rent a vehicle because the two largest car clubs are now just one.

Existing members anticipated the latest changes with much speculation, but the reality is that for everyone involved, it's been great news. It means more access to vehicles, cheaper rates and most importantly, a service that can be relied upon because the two giants in this industry are now stronger than ever.

With WhizzGo members now using City Car Club's fantastic new website, it's even easier to book a vehicle and drive away as everything's been absorbed into City Car Club meaning that members also have access to the exciting new loyalty scheme and additional insurance options.

From the 15th of August 2009, WhizzGo and City Car Club became fully integrated and the largest car club in the United Kingdom was born. Today City Car Club stands proud with even cheaper rates, a load of new vehicles and most importantly, the loyal customer base of both companies.

Just a few months on it's clear to see that the WhizzGo merger has went exceedingly well. It may be a shame to see the familiar name and logo of WhizzGo disappear, but the good news is that it's been replaced by something altogether greater and surprisingly, no one's complaining.

WhizzGo or City Car Club as they're now known operates over 500 vehicles nationwide. They aim to provide the country's best pay-as-you-go car hire service, and as a result, the service they offer doesn't just have the largest nationwide coverage, but it's also one of the best in terms of affordable insurance with options to reduce or eliminate excess. On top of that, hourly rental includes all congestion charges, fuel and everything else required ensuring that it's not just 'another' rental car, but a vehicle you can rely on.

To this ends, City Car Club has a range of comprehensive insurance packages available which limits excess if you elect to pay a monthly instalment. For regular users, this alongside the cheap mileage provided by City Car Club means that they can finally do away with their vehicles.

As Britain looks towards ways of becoming more economical and environmentally friendly, companies such as WhizzGo have helped pave the way. Car clubs and pay as you go vehicles may once have been a fantasy, but today it's clear for all to see that this wasn't just a fantasy, but a realistic, affordable and environmentally friendly reality.

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