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Zipcar is currently the world's number one car club with thousands of cars worldwide and countless members. Having started their operations in the United States, this company initially branched out across universities and colleges, taking them by storm.

Since that time however, they've grown exponentially and now the company is one of the largest. They're high tech too with a fantastic range of booking options and a number of additional services which helps to make your life easier and more convenient. Everything from SMS extensions to booking via your iPhone is possible with this company!

While initially, Zipcar may seem to be like any other car club in that they charge an annual membership fee, that fee pays for a lot. At around £50 it includes the things you'd expect and even more, and the amount you pay with Zipcar is typical of car clubs in general. When you start looking at what you get for your membership however, you start to realize just how good Zipcar really is.

However, just what are those hourly rates? They're perhaps the cheapest on the market starting at just £3.95 per hour if you're a pay-as-you go customer. Rental includes a generous 60 free miles, as well as free insurance and additional miles charged at just £0.23 per mile.

However, it's in their value plans where Zipcar really starts to shine, as the company offers a range of packages which ensure that regular users who are willing to make a monthly commitment will receive a generous discount of up to 25% on vehicle hire. With monthly rentals being as low as £3.22 per hour which destroys most of the competition.

Zipcar's fleets of vehicles are top notch also, and unlike other car clubs, they actually offer a wide variety. Everything from a BMW to a Volkswagen Caddy is available to rent, ensuring the most flexibility in case you need something a bit more 'special' to make a lasting impression.

Having chosen your vehicle and booked it, Zipcar follows the typical approach of giving users smartcards in order to unlock the vehicle. However, if you happen to be one of the many thousands of iPhone users, then you'll be both pleased and amazed to find out that the iPhone can be used to do everything from booking your car, to starting the vehicle and even sounding its horn!

Zipcar may be a young company as far as the United Kingdom's concerned, but in the United States, they've already gone a long way towards dominating the US car-club market, and it's only a matter of time until they start applying what they've learned in the States. With over 13 cities globally, joining the Zipcar car club gives you global access, even from your iPhone!

While they may just be located in London, They're certainly one of the most popular car clubs out there. We can only hope that before long they start to open branches nationwide, because the Zipcar service really is a cut above the rest.

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