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Is There Such a Thing as Pay as You go Car Hire?

It seems like an impossible idea, but for millions of people pay as you go car hire is now becoming a reality as car clubs start to popup not just across the country, but also throughout the world as pay as you go car hire schemes start appearing in towns and cities. Today, this novel idea is now a reality and the fact is that thousands of people across the United Kingdom are now enjoying the cost savings that pay as you go car hire can bring.

Car clubs are the latest and perhaps most innovative trend in car hire. It's a flexible approach that enables users to rent a vehicle whenever they need it, right where they need it. Pay as You Go car hire is popping up across the country at university campuses, near train stations, and just minutes from your home.

Car clubs are starting to get really popular due to the fact that you can effectively rent a car for as little as £4 per hour. Simply pay for what you need and when you're done, take the car back to its specially designated parking space and the vehicle will even calculate the mileage, work out what you've used and give you the bill. It couldn't be simpler, and given the fact that pay as you go car hire vehicles are almost always new, well maintained and well looked after, it's becoming an increasingly popular alternative to buying and caring for a vehicle.

Indeed, pay as you go car hire is popular not just because it's affordable. It's environmentally friendly too! It's been said that every pay as you go car hire vehicle out there removes eight private vehicles from our already over congested roads. With over 2,000 in the UK already, that means there are over 16,000 fewer cars on the road which means safer roads and less pollution for everyone.

But perhaps the main attraction is that pay as you go car hire gives users the ability to save money because it means if they only need a vehicle occasionally, They have access to one 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the vehicle available for use whenever they need it. The best part about it is, they don't even need to pay for fuel! Everything is included in the 'rental' from insurance to breakdown assistance and fuel.

Owning a private vehicle typically costs around £150 or more per month depending on its size and efficiency. For the occasional trip to the supermarket it's an unnecessary expense when instead you could be taking advantage of pay as you go car hire for just a modest monthly fee and average hourly rental of around £4.

Today as parking, fuel, maintenance and also cars get more expensive people are looking for ways to lessen the burden and financial costs of driving. Pay as you go car hire is the perfect alternative and the fact it's also environmentally friendly means that you can rest easy knowing that you're doing your bit for the environment.

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