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Car clubs

What Are Car Clubs

The ins and outs of Car Clubs

Car clubs are not a new idea and in fact they've been operating in the United States and the rest of Europe for years. It's perhaps the ultimate way to take advantage of your driving license without having to endure the expense of owning a car.

So, what are car clubs exactly? Essentially this vehicle hire scheme works to make sure vehicles are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Cars are located throughout the country and it's possible to take advantage of them today.

With many car clubs already operating throughout the United Kingdom, this gives you the perfect chance to take a look and see what are car clubs and most importantly the amount of money they can save you. That's right, taking advantage of a car club may actually save you money when compared to purchasing, maintaining and insuring your own private vehicle. Compared to the cost of privately renting a vehicle, it's also a great deal more affordable.

When looking at the worldwide car club movement, perhaps the most common question is "what are car clubs main features and how will they save me money?" The answer is seven-fold, and it goes like this:-
  1. A Car club will save you money because you can rent vehicles by the hour. Hourly rental includes everything and that means petrol too!

  2. Car club vehicles are fully insured and have comprehensive breakdown cover so whatever happens you're guaranteed to arrive and get home safely.

  3. With so many car clubs operating throughout the country, it's a simple case of finding out what are car clubs, joining a car club and then choosing a vehicle and driving away.

  4. It's possible to book a car club vehicle with as little as an hour or even one minutes notice! You can book them over the telephone or even online!

  5. With over two thousand car club vehicles already operating throughout the United Kingdom, and countless others abroad, more people are discovering what are car clubs every day. You can find out too for as little as 4.95 an hour.

  6. Many car clubs allow free membership if you're already a member of another car club. This means you don't only have access to vehicles nationwide, but also throughout Europe and the United States.

  7. Last but not least, what are car clubs availability? The good news is that almost all vehicles are new, well maintained and guaranteed to be available when you need them. That's 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Today car clubs are becoming increasingly more popular and many people are starting to take advantage of the other major benefit that car clubs provide. What are car clubs other benefits you may ask? That's the fact that for every car club vehicle that's on the road, there are another eight vehicles that aren't.

If you're looking to find out just exactly what are car clubs, then there really isn't much more to say! Join up and start enjoying the freedom and flexibility they provide today.

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